Infection Control for Caregivers and Families


You will be interested in this not-for-credit course if you are a caregiver or just looking for online resources to better understand infection prevention and control.

Course Description

This course provides important information about infection prevention and control (IPAC). If you are a caregiver, this knowledge will be important in keeping your care recipient and you safe. If you are not a caregiver, this knowledge is still extremely important. Divided into five modules, the course is self-paced and includes diverse learning materials, such as relevant readings, videos, short quizzes, and opportunities to practice various IPAC skills.


• Introduction
• The Caregiver Role and Infection Control
• What is Infection Prevention and Control
• Effective Hand Hygiene
• Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment
• Cleaning the Caregiving Environment
• What’s Next?


Learning Outcomes

The goal of the course is to improve the knowledge, confidence, and skillset of individuals and caregivers in Ontario related to infection prevention and control. Individuals will learn how to:

1. Protect self and those they are caring for from infection
2. Perform hand hygiene correctly and confidently
3. Don and doff necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly and confidently in home and institutional settings
4. Maintain a clean and safe environment for care
5. Advocate for adherence to infection control protocols in home and institutional settings

Course Details

Course Contact

Jennifer Rutkowski, McMaster University Continuing Education

  Self-paced activities
  Downloadable resources
Cost per student: FREE

Course designed by:

Kathryn Adams, MScN, BScN, McMaster University Continuing Education
Christopher G. Nash, McMaster University Continuing Education
Michael Clemens, PhD, McMaster University Continuing Education
Lorraine Carter, PhD, McMaster University Continuing Education
With support from The Caregiver Organization and The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement.

PLEASE NOTE: The information presented in this course is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical or public health advice, or other advice for any particular issue or subject. If you have any concerns about a particular health condition or COVID-19, please seek the most current medical and/or public health advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

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 Start Date: February 11, 2021
 End Date: February 28, 2023
 Duration: 10 hours (self-paced)
 Cost: FREE

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